Wishlist # 2: Car

How much does a car cost these days? With roughly 5000$, one can buy a pretty decent car already. Well, I’ve been saving money to buy a car in the next years to come. I don’t need fast cars and the expensive ones. I just need something that will get me here to my work place. It could be either Toyota or Honda, depends on the budget but most likely it’ll be Toyota.

Asking me why I prefer Toyota?

Not only because they’re the world’s largest automaker, they are also the pioneer in advanced technology. They’re also the most popular, at least here in our country. In fact, ask someone you know for a car brand, Toyota will be the first thing on their mind. And whenever I am asked for the model, it’s always Camry, Corolla or RAV4.  I specially love the RAV4. I honestly think that Toyota cars last for a very long time. We have a neighbor who owns a Toyota car Corolla 1998 model, and up to this day, it’s still in mint condition. 

If you are looking for great Toyota car deals and you live within 50 miles of the Leesburg, VA area,  you may want to check out the incredible New Toyota Leesburg VA. They are the  the largest Toyota Dealer in Virginia! They sell over 9 million vehicles per year and is on its way to becoming America’s favorite car brand. Compare with Ford  and Honda, Toyota sells 16% of all vehicles in the US market share.No matter what model of Toyota you want –   a car, van, truck or SUV – they have it, or they can probably get it for you. 


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