Opening a Swiss Bank Account

When I think of Switzerland, I think of lots and lots and lots of snow and lots and lots of money – the rumored $950-billion worth of Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth. I wonder why the Marcoses deposited their money on a Swiss bank. Do you know why? Why not in the US? Japan? or UK?

Well, that is because Switzerland is a safe haven for the ill-gotten wealth of the elites around the world.

The country practices Swiss Banking Secrecy which prohibits Swiss banks from revealing the existence of one’s account or disclosing information to any individual, company or even government. The only reason this policy can be lifted is for criminal case (organized crime activities, drug trafficking, terrorism , money laundering, etc.). So, if indeed the 950B$ is true, I sure hope we get a chance to take those money back.  That’s a huge amount of money! And if we can get them, well, let’s all pray they don’t go into the pockets of our corrupt officials.

I hope I could visit the place someday to open my own Swiss bank account LOL. Well, aside from being the financial capital of the world, I heard Switzerland is very beautiful country and offers a lot of beautiful attractions. From visiting the rainforest to shopping, food to sight seeing and many others. Whatever the season is, there’s a wide variety of things to do and see. If you love outdoor activities, you should visit Switzerland during Summer season (June until September)

For cheaper deals in hotels and resorts, you can visit during the spring (April to May) or the autumn (September to October). And if you like Winter sports, book at Geneva Hotels around November.


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