How To Configure Verizon DSL Using A Linksys Router WRT54G

Can you still recall what the world was like before the arrival of the internet, wifi and email? Do you remember when most of us still relied on the typewriter, telegraph and the telephone? What the internet has done today is really magical. It is one the greatest innovations around and I can’t live my life without it anymore. A day wont pass by without me checking my emails and doing internet transactions. I can never ever live without the internet!

If you’re looking for Broadband providers, whether DSL service or Cable service or Satellite Service, check out the list of recommended internet providers at Whether it’s for Business or Home use, you can find the perfect ISP for you on their website. There are also several reviews posted so be sure you read each one and compare their services and prices first before deciding which ISP to get.

I’m really satisfied with my DSL service. I’ve been planning to upgrade it to a faster and better speed but then I have to double the amount I’m paying them. I’m also thinking of getting a wireless router to setup a free wireless Internet access at home. Anyway, should you decide to get a Verizon DSL service, here’s a simple step by step instructions you can do to configure the router manually:

1. Connect computer to any of the numbered ports on your router.

2. Connect modem to the WAN port or INTERNET port of the Linksys router.

3. Open IE, type

4. Leave USERNAME blank and type admin for PASSWORD.

5. Set router to PPPoE then enter your Verizon Username and password. The username should be on email format (ex.

6. Save settings.

7. Click STATUS PAGE then hit the CONNECT button. Once status is CONNECTED it should be good to go. If you’re getting errors like AUTHENTICATION FAILED, make sure you have the correct Username and Password. If still not working, turn off all devices (computer, router and modem), wait for 30 sec. then turn on the modem first then router then computer.

If still not working, call Linksys Free Techsupport with this number 800-3267114.


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