Aren’t you amazed at how the technology has evolved?

I grew up in the 80s. That time of my life when living was so much simpler, laid back and happier. Before PSP, iPODs and MP3s, there were only Atari, cassette tapes and walkman.

How about the 90s? When one of my teachers brought a cellphone, we were all appalled in the classroom. It was the first ever cellphone I have seen in my life and it was huge! LOL. And although computer subjects were being thought already, the usage of computers were still very limited. I didn’t realize what internet was until I was on 3rd year HS.

And then Y2K came. Do you remember the millenium bug? Did you also panic just like others? Some even removed money from banks and got out of stock market. This was the start of cellphone and internet era. Some of my well-to-do classmates in College have 3110 and 3210 Nokia phones already. I didn’t have any. Researching and doing paper works seemed to be a lot easier with the use of internet. It all seems a long time ago now. Aren’t you amazed at how the technology has evolved? Now, I have an iPOD. I own a cellphone. I use VoIP. My life now depends on technology and the internet. I don’t think I can ever live my life again with dial up, 3210 and walkman. Can you imagine what’s it like to live without GPS Vehicle Tracking, wifi and email? I can’t! These things have helped our lives easier. Like with GPS tracking, it can determine the precise location of a vehicle or other person to which it is attached. So if you feel that you’re getting lost on the road when travelling, you will be able to “find yourself” eventually with the use of GPS tracking system. Even some Law Enforcement Agencies use this system to solve murder cases.

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Years from now, the technology we’re enjoying today will just be memories of the past. Aren’t you excited for the future progress that would make doing business cheaper and more efficient and would give each of us more convenience? I am.


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