My Dream Bedroom

My favorite part of our house is the bedroom. My own space where I can stay for hours without being disturbed. You know, growing up in a big family means sharing the bedroom with your siblings. I was fine with it but as I grow older, I need more quiet time for myself. So we had to divide that single room for me and my sister. Since then, I’m not used to sharing my bed with anyone except of course when I have no choice. It’s just a small room enough to fill with all my books and other stuff. I am planning to give it a complete overhaul in few weeks. I’m even planning to buy a slightly bigger bed.

Do you know that you spend around one-third of your lifetime lying on bed? This is why it’s very important that you get a comfortable bed and mattress for you and your family. Have you tried sleeping on a bed that’s marshmallow soft? How about lying on a bed with a hard mattress? Each of us have different preferences but I personally like my bed to be soft, warm and very modern. I’m planning to fill my room with Modern Furniture and Contemporary Furniture designs. I’m also thinking of putting a set of beautiful Italian Furniture to give my bedroom a complete modern appeal.

I’m not good with interior designing but we’ll see what will happen with my bedroom makeover. At, you can order different styles of Designer Furniture that will surely give any bedroom a designer appeal. Be sure to check out their website for more information.


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