Getting Serious With Diet

I was browsing old photos from my archives when I chanced upon this picture. Geesh, I was thin! Actually, I was malnourished, LOL. If I’m not mistaken, I only weigh 115-120 lbs when this picture was taken. It’s kinda depressing ’cause when I look at myself in the mirror now….I see a different me. I’ve grown bigger! As in. You don’t wanna know how much pounds I gained all these years. I wish I had grown taller instead.

Losing weight is never easy. It requires a lot of discipline, discipline and more discipline. I was used to crash dieting before and it wasn’t healthy and effective. After a month or so, I’ve started gaining those extra pounds again. I really should get serious with dieting this time. I’ve been constantly going to the gym the past days but that wasn’t enough. My trainer told me I should also watch the food I eat. Less carb and low calorie great tasting foods and heart healthy meals are always the best option. Well, I’ll try that and let’s see if that is effective.

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  1. Great to see a site aimed at those of us who are not in the first full flush of youth. I have just started to build a lens on Diet Information.

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