Do you also have plans working abroad?

I love my new job. I really do. Although I get to spend more hours in the office now..I’m slowly getting used to it. The people I work with are extremely nice and we jive quite well. Pressures and meeting deadlines are still there but they’re manageable. I don’t see myself resigning yet, maybe next year. I’m planning to visit my very good friend Emily on Singapore sometime next year and while there, I’m going to try my luck. I know it is very expensive to live there but I’d like to give it a try even for a short time. And if I don’t like it there, well, I can always go back home, right? I’m sure it’ll be a very good experience and I’m excited. Besides, I love the country, it’s the cleanest city in the world and there are a lot of Pinoys working in Singapore.

Do you also have plans working abroad?


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