Home Sweet Home

My father is an excellent craftsman. Although he wasn’t able to acquire higher education, he is well taught and he can do a lot of things. He used to work in a furniture house abroad for 10 years before putting up his own furniture business years ago. His works are mainly high end furnitures of classic styles made of Narra and Molave wood. If you visit our home in the province, you’ll see that a lot of our furnitures are made of wood with antique styles. Many of our neighbors and close friends here in Manila have ordered custom built china wares, TV rack and dining set from us.

It does look grand and lavish sometimes but old fashioned. What’s IN right now are functional and modern looking interior design. I would like to switch from a lot of the dark wood furniture to Modern Furniture, when I move to my new apartment this October. I’m thinking of Italian furniture to achieve a modern classic furnishing. Geesh, I hope I can save enough money to buy them.  Contemporary Furniture like a modern loveseat sofa will make any living room comfy, homey and pleasing to the eyes!

If you also want to switch to modern living, find the perfect modern Designer Furniture for your house at eRoomService. Their products are well-designed, stylish, functional and affordable. With eRoomService, furnishing your dream house has never been easier! Choose their wide selection, enjoy huge savings and enjoy living the urban life like no other.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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