How will I be covered?

When my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer some 2 years ago, we were caught unguarded. We never expected it and we weren’t prepared emotionally and financially. You know cancer is a very expensive disease. The treatment, medication and chemotherapy is gonna swipe whatever is left in your emergency fund. At that time, 2 of her children were finishing college from private schools. The money coming IN wasn’t enough to accomodate all the expenses. They had to loan a big amount of money from a friend just to make ends meet. That instance made me realize the importance of having a health insurance. I work in a private company that offers healthcare so long as I am employed with them…but what happens if I retire? Or if I change jobs and then all of a sudden, I got sick. How will I be covered? Will I have enough cash to support all my finances?

Whether it’s for you or your loved ones, you should think about getting a health insurance to protect you . With Kaiser Permanente and KPHealplans, they offer you a wide range of affordable individual and family health insurance plans and options. Their programs are more flexible and affordable than other HMO company. Plus, they have dedicated physicians, convenient locations, and innovative programs and services that will help you maximize your health in mind, body, and spirit. Get an insurance quote now at¬†and choose the plan that will suit you and your lifestyle.


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