I Filed a Estafa Case

At the age of 26, I filed a estafa case against RL. I wont go into details since it’s still in the process and I realized, if you don’t have a good lawyer to represent you in the court, you’re as good as nothing. You’re bound for failure and the things that you’re fighting for might just end up nowhere.

I’m just so blessed to have met a really good lawyer who have helped us through out the years. Hardworking, very funny and very handsome just like the
Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyers | Southern California Criminal Attorneys. He’s quite old but when he looks at you with his childish smile, you’ll realize he is still as charming as he was 30 years ago. LOL. I know, I haven’t been cooperating lately but thank you Atty. A for all your hardworks and patience. I’ll see you soon.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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