WANTED: Blog Liaison Officers

THIS IS TRULALA!!! Check out their JOBSTREET ADS HERE. If interested…go go go!!!


Nuffnang.com is Asia’s first blog advertising community. It is an online platform that allows advertisers to serve graphic advertisements on thousands of blogs according to their target audience and budget.

To date, over 40,000 bloggers have signed up with our platform in Singapore and Malaysia, and soon will be launched here in the Philippines!

So, would you like to be involved in the future of new media? Then look no further. Things are starting to “hip and hop” here at Nuffnang Philippines, and we are looking for fresh talents to bolster our team, with or without experience (what’s more important is the willingness to get into influencer marketing).

This is an exciting industry, and your chance to get involved with exhilarating projects and learn a lot in the process!



ETO DAW ANG MAGIGING Responsibilities:


# if you are into sales, you can sell online ad placements – kung di nyo pa natatanong, magaling ako mag SALES TALK ng AVON lol

# develop and maintain quality relationships with clients – kakayanin ko ‘to! May nagsabi sa kin…hinde daw ako kagandahan pero CHARMING daw ako lol pwede na yun

# offer creative solutions for clients to reach their target audience – kaya ko tong pag isipan

# give presentations and demonstrate the blog network to clients – LCD? powerpoint? AVP? Or Manila paper?

# monitor bloggers and industry press – haller…I stalk BLOGGERS!!!!

# coordinate event logistics – Aaralin ko yan.

# build relationships with key bloggers, industry influencers, press/media, analysts and potential marketing partners – I know some influential bloggers like…secretary ako ng REYNA, ditse ko si CHUVA…detractor ko si Bluep…Inday ako ni MANAY LUKARET

# manage and write content for NN PH’s dedicated website – infairness to me, I can come up naman with a good entry if I have to lol

# develop and implement marketing strategies for clients – oo, ma-diskarte ako ‘day…I swear

ETO NAMAN ANG Requirements:

# able to work within dynamic start-up environment – ke barrio, ke bundok ke sosyalin o jologs…kahit saan pa yan…go go go!

# fast learner and self-starting with impeccable organizational skills – mabilis ako mag memorize ng kanta, quotes etc. lol

# strong communication skills – written..oral…kahit sign language lol

# genuine interest in new trends in technology, media, culture and the Internet – I wont be here blogging if I’ve no interest in technology media, culture and the Internet…naks nag tataray hahahah

# with a decent grasp of new media, including bloggers and social networks (of course, knowledgeable of different methods to communicate) – pasok sa bangaaaa!!! lahat ng social networking platforms meron akong account lol

# confident, articulate and brilliantly creative – ahem! speaking!!!!

# with high academic standing from a leading university from a related field – patay kang bata ka. toinks! high academic standing daw lol standing na lang hahaha wag ng high academic lol

# evidence of achievement in an internet blogging venture or any internet related project – uyyy 34,800 pesos in 3 months is quite an achievement…100 subscribers…102 blogfriends….PR4…4.0 Blogjuice hahahahahaha plus 1 stalker named Karding hahaha joke lang Karding peace

# plus points to bloggers, gamers and mouse potato – Each day, I spend 3 hours on bed sleeping…9 hours browsing/blogging in the office…4 hours travel to/from office…the rest is spent on blogging/bloghopping and doing paid opps. My life is my blog and I am practically married to it lol

Our office is in Bonifacio High Street, Global City, close to several retail shops and great coffee shops/restaurants/bars. Join our team and we’ll show you how to maintain a proper work/life balance! Compensation is determined on your level of experience and knowledge.

While we are still setting up our very own home in the cyberspace [we’ll probably done in a few weeks though], you may want to check out our regional partners in Malaysia and Singapore to get to know us better, refer to this link – http://www.nuffnang.com

If you’re interested, email us the following:
2.short biography
3.why do you think this job is perfect for you
4.your favorite blog and why
5.portfolio, if you have one

Let us know if you have any questions. Otherwise, we look forward to hearing from you.

Our contact details:
Unit 2E03-2E05 Building 5,
925 Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City
1645 Taguig City

Office Number: +632 8563181 to 85
Email: jobs@outcomm.ph
Contact Person: Joy Marcelo

Hoy mga kunichiwaaaaa kung gusto nyo mag apply daliiiiiiian nyo. I actually had a meeting with their pretty BD Manager earlier…*sumisipsip*…nagmaka-awa akong kunin nila ang serbisyo ko kahit part time lang kahit libre LOL


Delivered by Madam Auring

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