Which iPOD is for you?


Almost everyone I know in the office owns an iPOD. Do you have one? Which one is yours?

If you are planning to purchase a new iPod, you have four options to choose from – the affordable all MP3 iPod shuffle, iPod Nano that offers MP3 and video, the iPod Classic that has huge storage capacity or the iPod touch which is similar to iPhone.

I’d like to have an iPOD Touch one of these days but for now, I am enjoying the iPOD shuffle I got from Chuva. It’s so convenient, very handy (weighs just around 15g) and can store up to 240 mp3s. That’s enough to keep me company whenever I go to and from the office. I also use it when I go to the gym since it’s wearable. I just clip it on the sleeve of my shirt and that’s it. This iPod shuffle is also ideal gift to your friends if you do not have a big budget. Price starts at 49$ to 69$!

But if you want huge storage space that can store up to 1,000 songs / 3,500 photos / up to 4 hours of video then iPOD Classic is for you. I am not a fan of this one since I don’t really enjoy watching videos or pictures in a very small screen. It’s just a waste of effort lol I’d rather buy a portable DVD or EEE PC. The next iPod you may want to purchase is the iPOD Nano which is pretty much like the Classic only bigger. It can store up to 20,000 songs / up to 25,000 photos / up to 100 hours of video. If you enjoy watching MTVs or movies while traveling then this one is for you. One thing though, the Nano shape reminds me of a calculator LOL.

The best iPOD so far is the iPOD touch. Looks gorgeous with its large 3.5” display and touch screen keyboard. It’s close to having an iPhone minus the phone and camera features. The best part of all, it has a built-in WiFi and Safari Browser that lets you surf the web anytime!!! Coolness!

So, is it iPOD Shuffle, Nano, Classic or iTouch? Personally, I’m ok with the shuffle or an iTouch but it would be heaven if you can give me an iPhone.  Thanks!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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