My New Nike Duffel Bag and Nike Shoes

This is why I hate bringing along my credit card with me…I cannot seem to control myself from swiping it for unnecessary purchases. Last week, I used it (again) to buy myself a new bag and rubbershoes. God I hate midyear sale season! I got my new shoes for 40% sale but it’s still a little overpriced. It actually took me 1 week before I’ve finally decided to buy them. Anyway, it’s Nike so I guess it’s all worth it. I was actually planning to buy that Adidas Adizero running shoes… but it’s more expensive. I settled for Nike Air Alaris instead. It’s not like the latest model but it’s comfy, cushioned and lightweight, plus the pink and gray color matches the duffel bag I chose.

I was also rooting for that Puma OSU women’s sneakers. It’s rainbow bright colors lol. Looks really childish hahaha but very stylish and comfy too. When I was a kid, my fave shoes was the green Reebok classic nylon rubberhoes I got from my father as a gift. I miss it. Reminds me so much of  the many happy memories of my childhood days.  I was almost going to buy something similar to that one except for the too much white color. You know, I can be very messy sometimes so white is not for me lol.  Besides, I’ve been always loyal to Nike. Based on my experience, Nike is more durable, well designed and looks more sophisticated.


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