Chuvaness Letter #3: Blogging Can Save The Philippines

Hello Dear Readers!

First of all, thank you to those people who left their comments and messages on the chatbox. Tamad kase talaga akong mag-comment but I will reply to each of you one of these days. Hehehe. Please bear with me as I am super duper busy. I know some of you have asked me about Paid Blogging, Monetizing, Making Money Online…again, I am not expert on this but I can tell you some helpful info. on how you can start earning $$$ by just blogging.


Here’s another PM I got from an old friend who came accross this blog through friendster! Itago na lang naten sya sa pangalang Shasha. Hinde naman talaga ako professional blogger ‘day but I will answer to the best of my knowledge. Para di naman masabi ng iba jan na I am just a pretty face lang LOL…Madami din akong kayang gawin like bending bobcat pretzel echos! I can be your part time love guru and your part time blogging adviser.

malen nakita ko blog mo congrats ganda a! ikaw lang ba nagawa nung site mo?pano ka nakakuha ng ads sa google?kasi may mga blog din ako maganda sana kung ma commercialize ko din kaso di ko alam kung pano e tska wala din ako minsan time. sana mabigyan mo ko ng tips. thanks and good luck!

Hello Shasha!!!

Long time no talk! Yan, I decided to share my tips to others na din instead of sending them to you alone…para madami din sana ang makinabang. It’s so nice to hear from you again. Sana makasama ko kayo nila Acel one of these days. Thank you ha. I’ll start na…concentrate ha lol

I will adress this to you and to others who have asked me the same questions. I’ll be very glad if this helps. May pera talaga sa blogging…if you want to join the bandwagon, read read read:


For an average blogger, start off with an account in Blogspot because you cannot use your blog into monetizing. You cannot use Adsense, Payperpost, Reviewme or TLA! If you have a wordpress account already, you can’t export your blog entries to Blogspot unless you do it manually. Copy and paste or if you want, start all over.

If your purpose is just to keep an online diary, is very easy to use but believe me…later on, you will think of monetizing it….so BLOGSPOT is the wise choice if you want to monetize.


Of course, you must buy your own domain. Para ka na ding bumili ng titulo nyan ng lupa. LOL. It’s all yours honey! Mura lang to and I tell you…blogging is much more fun with your own distinct name. Mas may integrity daw plus mas mashoray!!! You can buy directly to Blogspot just login to your Blogspot Dashboard > Settings > Publishing > Switch To Custom Domain

Kelangan lang ng credit card. Buy a domain as soon as you have decided to start blogging. Worth it na investment ang 10$.


This blog started at but since they don’t like MONETIZING…I had to self-host this blog to somewhere else.

Either way it will work with monetizing. With a self-hosted blog, you’ll get more freedom and control…you’ll also pay more. Domain is like 10$ a year and the hosting payment depends on your space and bandwidth (from 50Pesos to 500Pesos monthly – While with blogspot, you’ll only pay for the domain (10$ a year), you don’t have to worry about hosting…it’s free. So it’s your choice. Ako…I’m enjoying both worlds! My other blog is powered by blogspot and I also use it for paid blogging. Personally, mas bonggang bongga ang WordPress Self-Hosted than Blogspot-hosted.

In short, if you’re not that internet savvy and want cheaper, less-maintenance blog…start with BLOGSPOT.COM and buy a domain ASAP.

Or if you want a nosebleeding experience, and if you have a lot of cash to shell out…start your WordPress Self-Hosted Blog. There are several blogging platforms available but WordPress software is the most popular. It can be very nosebleeding sometimes…pero you’ll learn and get the hang of it.

Now that your blog is up and running…you have to make an effort para pagandahin ang content ng blog mo. This is probably the hardest part.


This is an example of diary-style of blog while this one is a topical blog. For beginners, if you’re comfortable enough to share your self to the world…go go go with a personal blog. Write whatever comes in your mind. Relate your thoughts about the happenings in your world. Write about your nosy boss…your chismosang kapitbahay….your past love affairs…almost anything under the sun! If you’re the introvert type, go with the Topical…you can blog about your interests, perhaps your hobby, fashion, celebrities or a sport you play or watch. Sabi nila the more niche the better. Yun bang narrowed down yung focus ng blog…may specialty. One more thing, start blogging in English muna. Pilitin nyo kahit nag no-nosebleed na kayo until ma-approve kayo ng mga Paid blogging sites. After nyong ma-approve…saka kayo Tagalog, alien talk, bisaya or sward speak.

Now that your blog is up and running, 3 things you must remember:

1. time

2. time

3. time

Eto lang naman ang pondo sa blogging: Konting social climbing, konting pambobola lol, konting pa-cute, konting effort, konting English lol pero madaming madaming time. Just like any relationship, your blog needs time. You have to give it time para mag-grow. Blog at least 7 times a week. LOL. Seriously, blog like at least 3x a week. Write original content. Eventually, you’ll think about your TRAFFIC/Readership. Hinde naman kelangan na sobrang dami ng hits mo per day but you have to remember that the advertisers care about your traffic. TIP: Sumabay tayo sa USO. Hay nakakaloka ang traffic ng SONA 2008 entry ko. Siguro pasahan na ng mga reaction paper ngayong Monday. LOL. Another TIP: Leave comments on other blogs, and when you do make sure you leave them your footprints (ie your URL). It’s like an invitation na I’d like you to check out on me too.

After (at least) 30 days of continuous blogging, sign up with these great sites:

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

Dyan kayo mag sign up parang awa nyo na para may referral ako lol. There are plenty of money-making opportunities in the world wide web. Hinde lang tayo aware. Wag na kayong mag pa tumpik-tumpik! Start blogging now and earn lots of moolahs! Kiver kung hinde magaling sa English. Kiver kung hinde nyo passion ang mag sulat. Kiver kung walang talent sa pagiging writer…I realized, pag kelangan mo talaga ng pera…lalabas at lalabas din yan.

Money makes the world go round. Life is no life at all without money. What can you do if you don’t have enough money to live by?

Sa hirap ng buhay ngayon…PAID BLOGGING is the answer. Their payout is from 5$-50$ per post. Let’s say they pay you 5$ a day for 1 year, that’s equivalent to 1825$!! That could even triple if you work harder. Best part of all, you can do it at the convenience of your home! Bonggang bongga di ba! You know, I sincerely believe blogging can save our country from all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams LOL

I hope these tips can help you and everyone else as you journey to financial freedom! Hehehe. Happy Blogging!

Hugs to you and to your lovely kids! Mwaaah!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. hahahaha! Professora ang dating ni ateng hehehe! ayos ang marketing! SONA tumabo ka sa referral hahaha!

    UY maniwala ka, mas UBER ang trapik nang SONA ngayon, this week nga ata ang dedbol line nang submission nang mga reactors hahaha indi lang quadruple ang trapik ko as in septuplets na ata hehehe

  2. you are correct indeed about those things pointed above. i have started in blogspot but im beginning to be a little tech-savvy now so i am planning to host a domain via sis, question lang, local ba or international yung web hosting services mo? pls advise kasi i’m in deep thoughts on where to host my upcoming blog. and promise sis, i will sign up on any one of the above para naman may referral ka. mwah! :em50:

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