My L2S Outdoors Club Experience

I SUPER LOVE THE OUTDOORS. Beachineering. Camping. Snorkeling. Hiking. Everything that has to do with nature! I am so glad to have met people whom I share that same passion. Meet my L2s folks! They’re funniest, coolest and wackiest group you’ll ever meet…they’re very dependable too! Here are some wonderful pix from our journey through the years…LOL. Enjoy! Take note of all my bandanas in assorted colors! Love ’em! LOL

First HELLO at Majayjay Laguna. 1st Bandana: ORANGE GOLD to match my orange tshirt

Majayjay Falls of the defunct Tabing Ilog drama series

Camping at Majayjay…1st socials night

Leaving majayjay

Mt. Maculot

Enjoying the view…

…andito pala ang camera eh


Waiting shed…wearing my red shirt and re bandana hahahaha take note of the get up dahil isusuot ko ulet later lol

Trekking in a super duper  hot afternoon

5 min. rest….Mt. Tarak, Mariveles Bataan

Summit kuno

Camp ground, Mt. Tarak

Papa-cute while preparing to go down…

Taking a quick bath in the Papaya River…

Conquering Pico de Loro with my Bandana #3: BLACK


Summit-summitan ehehhehe

enjoying COKE

Camping in some nice BEACH (NASUGBU, Batangas)

Nasugbu pa din

Punta Fuego

Getting wacky…


Enjoying the falls at Mt. Famy with my Bandana #4: PURPLE

Socials in a Bahay Kubo…

Going UP!

Gulugod Baboy with my Bandana #5: BLUE


Gulugod Baboy with my red bandana to match my red shirt LOL same outfit nun Mt. Tarak hahahha

Teletubbies Land

More pictures in the teletubbies land

Sancai at ang F4!!!


Mt. Daguldul with my yellow bandana LOL

Daguldul Trekker in Bandana Blue to match my Blue long sleeves Tshirt

Anawangin Babes


Haaay sarap ng buhay!

Going to Capones Island

Camouflage bandana in Anawangin. July 2007.

Happy 5th Year Anniversary L2SMOC!!!

Can’t wait for our next outdoor activity guys!!!! Miss you all!!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Sancai and the F4 on Teletubbies land!! Hahaha!!
    I’ll be waiting for another post for your next trip.. ano kayang bandana isusoot mo.. surprise us, okay? 🙂

  2. Oi congrats and happy anniv sa tropa nyo.

    I so love the outdoors as well. Sa sobrang mahal ko sya sa likod bahay na ako natutulog hahaha

    kamustamos? long time no talk!

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