TAG: The person/s who everyone thought you looked like?

* malen

popularly known as
* malensky, malenggay, mayeng, malentod

code name
* annie hahaha

the person/s who everyone thought you looked like?
*you choose: ara mina, sexbomb rochelle, sharon cuneta, toni gonzaga, meryl soriano LOL

your prettiest friend na girl?
* ako na lang para di sila mag away

your handsomest friend na boy?
* you know it’s you dude

the person/s who makes you laugh really hard?
* reynz, chuva

greatest gift you ever received?
*i prefer cash lol

favorite stuffed toy?
* wala…

favorite cartoon character?
* snoopy looks really cutee

favorite song/s right now?
* velvet fingertips
* The Past

the last person who texted you?
* 2366…bwiset yan

the last person you talked to on the phone?
* wala ngang phone eh

are you smart?
* i am TM (touch mobile LOL)

are you friendly?
* social climber

got braces?
* soon, wala lang para lang ma feel ko yung “up and down ang kanyang brace…” LOL

favorite hang-out?
* computer table

the Last time you cried?
* some time this year

do you love combing your hair?
*hehe, nope

are you desperate right now?
* of course

are you alone right now?
* alone but never lonely lol
the person you’re talking to this instant?
* some cousins

where were you yesterday?
* at home, sleeping all day

the last person who said I love you to you?
* i wish it’s Dao Ming Su

the color of the shirt you’re wearing?
* white

what song are you listening to at this very moment?
* random

last book you read?
* the secret

what instrument do you play?
* sabi nga ni TONI, I play with my organ…you know, keyboard, piano whatever you call it LOL

what do you usually wear?
* short shorts and tank tops…charing!

do you drink?
* of course but not too much alcohol

do you belong to the Star section or the lowest section?
* contrary to what you think, haha, i was always in the….lowest lol

who’s on your bed right now?
* some thru pillows lol

what time do you usually sleep?
* 12am

do you stay up late?
* most of the time

your most embarrassing moment?
* pumapara ako ng taxi sa cubao…hinde ko napansin na hinde pala level ang kalsada…natapilok nadapa napaluhod mali nangudngod ako…i couldn’t get up…huminto yung taxi mga ilang metro sa kin…eh hinde ako makatayo kaya ginapang ko…imagine ginapang ko yun and when I look back…natatawa ako kase nobody even tried to help me get up mga ayuf yun

what’s the codename of the teacher you hate most?
* batong bakal

favorite band/s?
* a lot but queen is quite exceptional

what’s the last thing you ate?
* lucky me, nfa rice + fried egg LOL

who was the last person you talked to?
*myself lol

do you believe in Santa?
* i did!!! hahaha

are you a rocker?
* i’d like to believe that i am a socialite lol

are you gifted?
* hear me as I declaim LOL


are you nice?
* i think I am

if you could be anyone in the world for a day, who would you be?
* i could be your lover wahahaha

are you grade conscious?
* most of the time lol

do you love your name?
* i do

I’m tagging you all!!!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. You mean, literally you like the song (The Past) not the one recorded it, accdg to the linkback. Shet, muntik kong malunok sipon ko.

    I enjoyed reading specially the part yung gumapang ka… buti na lang hindi sa PUTIK. If I was there, for sure titinging lang ako at sasabihin ko, “ayan kasi, bawal ang naka takong sa lugar na to, di na lang nag chinelas”.

    Actually to become part of the socialistas in a sense na ok, you speak tag-lish with the besaya accent (pun intended, and I am laughing now, haha) dapat avoid using LOL in the sentence. Use emoticons, it makes you visually sosyal. :em72:

    Take it easy Malen, gusto mo french fries?

    1. i like the song! reminds me of my past love affers…taray may ‘s’ plural di ba hahahaha

      seriously, your version is really exceptional. very very sweeet! pramis…i’m not pulling your leg. isang daang beses ko na yatang naulit yan :em50:

      on gumapang ka sa lusak…i wasn’t even wearing heels that time…mas maganda nga kung naka-heels sana eh at least may karapatan akong mag maganda…but wearing rubbershoes…dang! it was just plain clumsiness

      on becoming socialite, excuse me…i don’t have a think accint LOL

  2. “…eh hinde ako makatayo kaya ginapang ko‚Ķimagine ginapang ko yun….”

    Malen!!! Bakeettt? Sana nadapa ka na lang sa ibabaw ng hubad na katawan ng taong kinababaliwan mo. For sure mageenjoy kang gumapang….. :em50:

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