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I seriously need to get a life! I’ve been spending too many hours in the office and my work has taken over my life. Gone are the days when I can bloghop as much as I want to. Can’t write as often as I used to and I really miss going to the gym. I need to learn to manage my time better. I told you, time management has always been and will always be my problem. Guess I should get a secretary. Anyone? LOL

I was planning the other day on what to do with my life now that 2008 is ending. Time flies so fast. As I look back, I realized, my 2008 resolutions are yet to be fulfilled. This is really bad! Ok, I’ll make this simpler this time. My mid year resolutions are as follows:

First, I’ll have to change my working habits. I’ve been getting a lot of stress from work because of pressure and high demands. The kind of job that I do requires a lot of time in front of the computer, it’s mind boggling but I find it quite satisfying. I love my job. I do. And I love the people that I work with. Really nice, amazing, fun-loving people. But I have to cut the hours I spend doing unrelated jobs (surfing, sleeping and chismax lol) to avoid rendering OTs.

Next thing will be changing my eating habits. I’m actually eating one meal each day and it’s not healthy. I’m also not losing weight regardless of depriving myself with all these yummy foods. I’ve been trying hard to lose weight and I realized, what I need is exercise plus healthy food intake (haller, everybody knows that already lol). The problem with me is that I lack discipline and I’m also not that inspired. But I promise, I’m going back to the gym this August. Been wanting to buy this new nike shoes and gym bag! I’ve got discount coupons here that might allow me to save and extra 10% or 15% off during the Home Sale, and I might use this for my online shopping.

And the last thing I need to work on is my blogging lifestyle. I will try to come up with great posts each day LOL but I need to buy a new laptop first. Hahaha. Guys, nobody has ever sent donations and love gifts to Chuvaness campaign. LOL. C’mon, I’m serious, I need funds for my MacBook Air and new stunning Fossil watch. Help me make my dreams come true, make me happy and donate NOW!!! LOL


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