Chuvaness Wishlist: MacBook Air

Been going to Cybergate back and forth looking and searching for a new laptop when this lovely MacBook Air caught my attention. Price? PRICEY!!! Well, it’s close to a hundred thousand! Argh!!!! Will surely sweep off my savings into bankruptcy. Looks really neat…it is nearly as thin as your index finger, with 13.3-inch widescreen monitor, full-size keyboard, and it is very light weight.

BTW, if you’re looking for 100% guaranteed compatible Mac memory for your beloved Apple Mac, can help you! They have almost everything for you – PowerBook G3/G4/G5, iMAC G3/G4/G5, MacBook Pro, xServe G4 and xServe G5.

Help me make my dreams come true! Donate to “MAKE CHUVANESS HAPPY CAMPAIGN” LOL and help me buy this MacBook Air on or before Christmas. LOL


Delivered by Madam Auring

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