A few months more and Christmas season is back again!

Oh, time flies…it’s running so fast! August is coming very soon. Few months more and Christmas season is back again. Argh! I hate this. And you know what happens during yuletide, of course, endless shopping and cramming!!! That means spending so much of your hard-earned money and 13th month pay in an instant! And the next thing you know is…you’re welcoming the New Year empty handed. LOL. Oh nooo!! A few months more and 2009 is here! You don’t have any idea how much I abhor the coming of year 2009. I’ll tell you why on April next year so be sure to come back here ok. LOL

Anyway, August means special day for 2 of the best gurlfriends I have in life. Super love them dearly. It’ll be my cousin’s birthday on the 25th and my bestfriend’s birthday on the 19th. I need your suggestions. These are special people and I want to give them something really special but no too pricey ok. What should I give them this time? Clothing and apparel? Personalized beaded jewelry? Or health and beauty products? HELP!

I think I’d go for personalized stuff. What do you think? Check out this list of low prices on personalized gifts I found on the net. Might be helpful for you too. Ciao!


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