The Return of the Comeback: Dear Chuvaness Segment


Play this para feel na feel!


Inspired by Ate Helen, powered by Tita Charo and under the influence of Chuva of the Chienes Land!!! Mga kunichiwaaaa (can i borrow, reynz)!!!!! Ibinabalik namagmuli ang Lovingly Yours, Ate Malen section for no reason other than inggit. LOL

If you need someone to talk to – about politics to religion to stenography to differential calculus to fashion to paid blogging to relationship ek ek – shoot me an email. Seryoso nga! Pag masyado ng mabigat yung problems nyo…let me help you carry those burdens. If you would like to share your heartaches, brokenhearts and heartbreaks…I’m just an email away. I wont guarantee na tanggal ang mga problema nyo but surely, you will feel better after letting it all out.

I can give you sound advices for free! You see, my writing ability and my intellect are up to par with the standards of above average LOL kaya if you wanna hear how I turn each adversity into opportunity…send your emails here:

Hahaha. And the best thing of all…you could also hear great advices from our readers and lurkers. O diba, that’s what you call SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. ESEP! ESEP! ESEP! di ako pahuhuli! hehehe! lalaban ako! hahaha with my own “Dear Kuya Reyna” hehehehe SIGE! hahahahaha! tayo tayo na lang ang magsulatan nang mga heartaches breaky breaky heart ever! HAHAHAHA

  2. haha meron ka na rin pala nito? nice one. may series ako darating after ng WYD feature ko, ganito rin kaya lang may 4 na anonymous guestbloggers akong sasagot sa bawat inquiry ng readers. 4 sila kasi iba iba ng forte, naunahan mo lang ako pero mukhang riot itong sayo. pihado sasakit na naman tyan ko nito.

  3. Dear Chuvaness,

    Did you hear about the tandem of Dao Ming Su and Wu Chun for a new chinovela? I’m now so confused to choose between the two :em61: Oh.. this is such a dilemma.. please help..

    Hahaha.. pwede bang mga ganito sa dear chuvaness? :em47:

  4. Dear Malentot/Tukayo,

    ang ganda ng tugtog pramis…at ang galeng ng comics pramis ulet..saan nakakabili nyan? lol! galing mo ng magphotoshop ha 🙂
    aabangan ko to kasi nag enjoy ako sa first and last ate helen portion mo e 🙂

  5. Ay sorry nagkamali ako ng click ayun at napunta ung comment sa di dpat mapuntahan :em62: :em47: …anyway, panalo ka talaga malen! hahaha…you always made my day! hahahahaha

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