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I spent an afternoon with my 3 girlfriends last week watching Will Smith’s Hancock, pigging out at our favorite pizza resto and shopping!! Well, it was more like window shopping actually since I didn’t get to buy anything except for some toiletries. Besides, I’m trying to save as much as I can. With all these financial crisis going on…I still can’t believe that a kilo of rice would cost around 39P! That is too much. I, at least can still afford it since I’m single with not much responsibilities but how about the minimum-wage earner who needs to fee 5 hungry kids each day? Everything is overpriced – oil, food, electric, water etc. – and it’s squeezing everyone’s budget.

Ok now back to window shopping, I’ve been telling you a lot of times about this lately, well, guess what, I still have not found the perfect laptop that will suit my lifestyle and budget. Ok, I am not splurging money here. I’ve been saving diligently for this and I really need a new laptop for all my internet transactions. This desktop I’m using now has become slower and slower over the last couple of days. Must be virus, I guess. I haven’t done any reformatting on this computer for the last 2 years.

What do you think? Toshiba, Dell, ASUS or Fujitsu? My requirements are pretty simple – reliable, durable, fast and affordable? Help me choose the right model please.

I might consider buying it online since there are several sites that offer huge discounts to online shoppers like you and me! Check out 1-coupons website and get your $5 off discount promotion code whenever you purchase online. They have thousands of discount coupons, clearance sales, promotional bargains and special promo code offers for the leading Internet services and stores.


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