How big is the audience who read blogs?

Internet is all about social media.

Friendster, Multiply, Myspace, Flickr, Youtube, Twitter and yes, even BLOGS – these are the sites that allow people to connect with other people from all parts of the world. Amazing, isn’t it? Nowadays, reaching out to people who lives half the globe away has never been this easy. With social media services, people can communicate better, connect with each other and share common interests. With all this social media sites available, which one do you love most? My answer is, of course, blogging.

Do you know how big is the audience who read blogs? Very big indeed. According to research, there are more than 110 million blogs being tracked by Technorati and it gets more and more each day. Wow! I am glad to be a part of that 110M blogs! Do you know that more people tend to read blogs now rather than newspapers? I probably spend 4 hours or more each day reading on blogs. How about you? What really amazes me is the power of BLOGs on people who reads them. Like when I want to watch a movie, I make sure I read on blogger’s review first before really watching it. And when I go out with my friends for a fun night, we usually end up eating in a nice resto I’ve read on blogs. You see what blogging can do? Make or break, right?

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