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I am one of those people who find fulfillment in writing. Be it on a blog, diary, publication, notebooks and yes, even on walls, I always find writing easy and fun to do. Hahaha. I am not claiming that I am a good at it but infairness to me, LOL, I think I can pull off some really nice story and articles if I want to. Hahaha. Seriously, writing is my passion. I mean one of my passions. When I get old and gray, it’ll be nice to look back, err, read back and reminisce the memories of the past love affairs, heartaches and many wonderful moments. Didn’t I mention to you that I love History? Starting today, this blog will be the wonderful history of my life and work and it will be published into a book someday and will be used in school as a resource for inspiration etc. Hahaha. Just kidding, truth is I’ve always struggled to write serious and informative blog content all my life. I mean, hello, I can never come up with a single paragraph without Hahaha or LOL at the end of it. If there’s one thing I am really good at, that is writing letters – cover letters, resignation letters and of course, love letters! LOL

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