Meet The New Triplets

Eeeeeeekk!!! IDOL!!! Whahahahha

The NEW Triplets!!! (pic taken many years ago)

How how did our friendship started? its way back 1997 when our common friend elrin introduced me to them…and since then…the four of us became inseparable. Unfortunately elrin took the wrong path and made a big mistake to the group ( i will not elaborate but it concerns something about the word “DELIKADESA” – and the same thing leads the group to disband (hahaha, what a term!) I remember making a pact with the three of them at the mountains of Cherry Hills in Antipolo City – promising to return to that same hill after 10 years to renew our pact of friendship – unfortunately Cherry Hills is no longer existing because of a major landslide that happened to that place sometime 1998 if i remember it correctly …and along with the landslide of Cherry Hills is the tragic fall of our friendship with Elrin.




What’s good is that after all that happened…my friendship with Malen and Ruth is still in tact. We met last January 2008, had videoke while pigging out like what we used to do way back college days. We spent the whole day providing each other with tips and bits of infomations on how to earn money using our blogs. We also made our own rendition of “push the button” mtv (whatda!). Now, what we agreed upon is calling our group “TRIPLETS” – me being Manilyn Reynes, Malen being Sheryl Cruz and Ruthie – having no choice – accepted being Tina Paner. hahaha! I am so happy that we are now matured individuals (but still laughs out loud on our jologs conversations and jokes) – who no longer talks about our crushes but is now more concerned on how to live our lives to the fullest, relationships and making money online. hahaha! It’s a good thing seeing my good friends, laughing our hearts out and just remembering good ol’ days. Thinking of them puts a tear into my eyes as I know whatever path I will take in this life – the two of them will always be there for me. Expect more of “TRIPLETS” adventure this 2008! Watch out Regal Films! (lol)

~ melanie rose “manilyn” feir


Kabog! O di ba! Anong sinabi ni Mane, Tina at Sheryl?!! LOL Kanya-kanyang trip to bahala kayo. Hahahaha

Watch out mother lily! We’re coming!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Anak nggggggggggggg!! Maleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenn!!! Kaloka ka!!

    “our group “TRIPLETS” – me being Manilyn Reynes, Malen being Sheryl Cruz and Ruthie – having no choice – accepted being Tina Paner.”

    Hahaha!! Tina Paner! Grabeng memories nito…. para kong biglang nahilo.. hahaha!!

  2. Buti ka pa may ka-triplets ka, ako wala. Hindi ko na alam kong saan ang dati kong mga kaibigan dito sa Pilipinas. At nag-iisa lang ang matatawag kong tunay na kaibigan doon sa Germany. Nalulungkot at naiinggit ako kapag may nakitang ganyang pictures. Pero wala akong magagawa dahil akoy isang taong gala. Bawhahaha!

  3. madame, I really need your help. Please text me at 09266157099. May tatanong lang ako sayu. sensya na nag comment ako sa malaing lugar. Pasensya na manay po. ahhehe..

    please.. Ill wait for your reply. thanks madame!

  4. hahahahahahahaha

    Thats! Thats Thats! hahahaha

    ikaw siguro yung nagsasabit ng sampaguita sa thursday group ano? hahahah

    matagal mo na pala kaibigan si manay ruthie ano? kita na ang mga lumot sa pic LOL

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