Boston Celtics meet Pacquiao after Vegas victory

Walang traffic at low ang crime rate. Yan. Nag HOLIDAY na naman ang Pinas dahil Manny won against Mexican-American David Diaz. Pacquiao knocked out Diaz in the ninth round. I honestly wish it was Diaz who won…wala lang…gusto ko malaman kung anong mangyayari sa Pinas kung matalo si Pacquiao noh. I’m sure Korina will be very happy hahaha

Now, here’s something all Pacquiao and Boston Celtics fans will love…

Right after Pacquiao won his fourth world title in his fight with Mexican-American David Diaz, the entire Boston Celtics basketball team, went straight to Manny Pacquiao’s room to celebrate with him. Haha. The Celtics, led by Kevin Garnett, posed with Pacquiao for a photo shoot. Haller. Celtics players are the current NBA Superstars!!! Sila kaya ang NBA Champions (against Lakers) this season!!! Celtics players reportedly reserved 16 tickets to watch Pacquiao in his fight di ba. Apparently, Pacquiao’s favorite basketball player is Kevin Garnett, and the encounter was “a dream come true” for him. Shorraay!


picture from boxingvid dot com

O yan…di lang pam-pamilya…di lang puro tinda at puro drama…pang isports na din di ba.


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