How To Make Your Day Extra Special

Make Me Whole by Amel Larrieux

did it ever come to you? yah know that feeling na you just wanna lie down and do nothing…see nothing…hear nothing and feel nothing and become nothing because you feel like you’ve done, probably, the 3rd most humiliating and embarrasing thing in your life

guess what…

that’s not what i am feeling at the moment hehehhe

you know what i really wanna do…i feel like travelling alone and then get lost in some place where i cannot be disturbed hahaha i want to enjoy my solitude lol

but I cannot do that…i’m spending 9 hours, probably 12 hours, today in the office.

how do you make your day extra super special? well, here are some tips…read on:

  • take a warm bath very early in the morning (3:30AM)
  • wear slippers to work
  • put on a very comfy sunday dress
  • shampoo your hair using vaseline (sira, hinde yung lotion ha..yung shampoo)
  • let your hair fly away (di na uso ang blower ‘day)
  • wear your favorite earrings (a woman’s earrings is her glory)
  • greet each one with a good morning (yes, even strangers..malay mo ma-meet mo ang soulmate mo along the way)
  • smile and mean it (people will know if you’re faking it)
  • take a power-nap in the middle of a busy work day (a good nap every now and then is good for the SOUL lol)
  • eat adobong sitaw for breakfast (I am trying to be a vegetarian..echos)
  • turn off your cellphone (stress mag text back di ba esp. pag walang load)
  • forget the time..don’t wear your watch (eh wala naman akong relo talaga noh)
  • wear your favorite lotion ( Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea from DIWA, salamat ‘day..ambango-bango nya)
  • wear a shawl…put it around your shoulder (feeling winter haha)…makes you feel warm (thank you Ms. Karen for this gift…i love it)
  • listen to Amel Larrieux over and over and over…
  • drink capuccino (yung sa vendo lang ‘day, di me afford ang starbucks)
  • eat potato chips while juggling from papers to be signed left and right (feeling manegerial wahahaha)
  • hug your favorite pillow (thank you HR, this is the 2nd pillow I got from you….sana next time comforter naman)
  • browse unrelated sites
  • phone a special friend during break time (as in special child like me lol)
  • attend retro dance class (dance boogie wonderlaaaannd…)
  • take esteem bath and mild sauna bath
  • blog while the boss is not around
  • eat Jolibee spaghetti (Yipeeeeeee)
  • and then go home, buy dinner and then spend the rest of the night watching corny flicks

Remember, in just two days, tomorrow will be yesterday lol. Savor each day…enjoy it while you can.

Happy weekends to you!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. lahat yan ginawa mo? even wearing shawl in humid day? wow!!! tigasin lol! astigin tukayo ko!! kaingget..aga mo naman yata naligo?

    that reminds me that it’s 12:22 in the afternoon and I need a bath lol!

    1. NALEEEEEEEN! hahahaha… naku ‘day yung shawl sa office ko lang sinuot while working dahil super lamig sa opis hahaha…di ko keri ibalandra yan sa labas…masyadog magarbo LOL

  2. bords i like your take in making each day a special day hehe pero ito ang hirit ko na medyo natawa ako…

    “put on a very comfy sunday dress”…

    …then bring with you a white envelope and a tamborine, panhik ka sa bus then distribute the white envelope sa mga natutulog na pasahero, tapos kanta ng aleluya kasabay ng mala pacquiao na hataw sa tamborine, I’m sure, gaganda ang araw ng mga pasahero mo haha joke lang.

    I was reminded kasi of my friend blogger na Born Again na umaatend sa church sa makati na marami daw pumupunta na mayayaman at mga artista (i cant remember the name of the fellowship). Tanong ko sa kanya kung mga Christian denominations nga ba ay naghihingi ng donation sa mga bus, sabi nya di daw ganun ang mga BA at Christians, raket lang daw yun ng mga hindi tunay na christians. kaya natawa ako ng sinulat mo, wear sunday dress kasi nung nandyan ako last 2004 para sa review ko, marami pumapanhik sa bus na naka sunday dress talaga at may envelope kahit na tuesday ang araw LOL.

    Maybe next time I’ll see you on the bus? hahaha duet tayo den magdadala ako ng pinitpit na tansan para ensemble tayo sa tamborine sound haha

    Have a nice day bords.

    1. ganun ha! tseehh!

      actually madami talagang ganyan dito sa mynila iba iba ang raket…alam mo yung mga bata na bang tulog ka sa dyip tapos biglang lilinisin yung shoes or kahit tsinelas mo hahahah…level up na sila kase ngayon may sobre na…pambili lang daw ng mga school supplies…nakakaawa when you think about them but then if you will tolerate naman parang hinahayaan mo lang sila na wag tulungan ang mga sarili nila…

      i think i know that church sa ortigas…been there once…katabi ko si papa piolooooooooooo hahahaha joke lang

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