This is my last dance with you


This is my last dance with you
This is my only chance to do all I can do
To let you know that what I feel for you is real

This is the last chance for us
This is the moment that I just cannot let end
Before I know that theres a chance were more than friends

So dont let go, dont let go
Make it last all night
This is my last chance to make you mine

I kept my feelings so deep
I kept my dreams of you and me somewhere inside
Although I prayed that you would see it in my eyes

But this is my last chance to say
Whats in my heart before you stay out of my life
And then youll understand the way I feel inside

So hold me close cause it feels so right
This is my last chance to make it mine
Make this dream reality
So close and yet so far
Gotta find a way into your heart
Gotta speak my mind
Gotta open up to you this time
I cant let you slip away tonight
This is my last dance iwth you

This is my only chance to do all I can do
To let you know that what I feel for you is so real
So dont let go
Just make it last all night long
This is my last chance to make you mine, yeah
To make you mine


At what point do you say, “Enough is enough? When do you say this is the last time?

Do I stay because I want to keep a good fight and hope for the best to come or do I, for once in my life, give up and just pretend that everything will be fine and I’ll be happy?

It’s your choice, dear. It’s YOUR choice on what you do with your life. Don’t let others dictate or convince you, not even yourself. Just go with the flow…feel what’s right for you. Sabi nga nila try to listen to the voices within. DO whatever it is that will make you happy…kahit for a moment lang. Hinde nabibili sa kung saan lang ang happiness.

But just like you, I give up too…but that’s because yun ang hinihingi ng sitwasyon. Your case is different from my case kaya wag nating i-compare. Yours is a story shared by two people in love while mine is just a chimeric love story I have conjured in my mind. Anyhoo, let’s welcome bitterness, sadness and MISERY in our lives! LOL. Today will be the last day of my mushy mushy anone moments. Heck, this is supposed to be a humor blog…nagmukhang ukay ukay slash koreanovela. Iinom naten ‘to later hahahha…teka di pala ako umiinom. Hahaha. I’ll just, probably, sing LUHA na lang…dance makahilow low low low all throughout the night, eat butete banana split…and if I still have some cash, buy a new PICTURE FRAME (digital picture frame that is) or Wii. Echos!

I’ll see yah later, PUSA. Mwaaah. Hugs to you…ruthie and sherliez sends their love to you.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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    1. MAGTAPAT KA NA KASI! – bweheheh seriously ligawan mo na! Eh ano naman ngayon kung ikaw nagtapat?

      Ayaw ko mag assume malen, pero feeling ko… Akong tinutukoy mo bwahaahah… Ako nga ba?

    1. ang kasulatan…wag kalimutan…wow mare…rhyme sya hahahha..i will do my very best para mare so help me God!!!

      same here. mwhugs 🙂

  1. hi malen… may drama na pala ngyayari sa buhay mo at dinadaan daanan lang kita sa station mo hehe…. di ganyan ha…. kelangan ng maboteng usapan yah hehehe


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