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Blog Challenge 04: Because YOU deserve a post


Who do you think is deserving of a dedication? Who will you accredit a post to? There should be somebody out there who has done so much to inspire you or instill confidence in you.

Thus, this is the challenge where you come out publicly and proclaim your shameless love/desire/honor/fondness for someone. Blog about her or him (or them). Select your own approach and dedicate a post. Be creative in your writing.

Are you ready to embrace the passionate side of you? Blog now and submit your entries HERE. Minimum of 700 words, join na.

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I didn’t want to fall for someone….‘TIL THERE WAS YOU.

It is really amazing what blogging can do. At first, you lurk around and read them. Then, you leave a comment and make friends with them…and then later, you’ll meet them in person and then the friendship goes beyond cyberspace. Blog, just like love, knows no bounds, indeed. And just like in real life, there are many people you’ll come across your bloglife…but then eventually, some will disappear and you lose them forever.

It really puzzles me how some good and bad people come and go into our lives. There must be many reasons why they happen – painful reasons, obvious reasons and some that we have yet to find out. Someone out there must really know what’s going on. Call it divine intervention, some mighty force in this universe, destiny, fate, dumb luck, whatever it is…it has its own reason for choosing those special and not-so special people to share part of our lives with. You know I meet a lot of good and intelligent people in the blogosphere…wonderful and equally nice people but there’s one person who stands out from the rest…and this post is for you wherever you are.

You never fail to brighten my day. Just thinking that you lurk here often makes me smile already. I don’t know how it ever started…but I’m thinking it’s DESTINY that has brought us together. Hahaha. There’s something about you that makes me wanna achieve more in life. Your ideals, even if sometimes they don’t agree with mine, I welcome them. The music that stirs in your heart, I appreciate them. The beauty that forms through every works of your mind and hands, they’re my inspiration. Your words, although I’m feeling we have a lot of differences more than similarities, I find them engaging. Your wisdom, humor, humility and style, I embrace them with all of my heart. I have learned to see the world through and through because of you. You inspire me in so many ways that I want to become the best version of myself and for that, I want to…


I don’t know you as much as you don’t know me…but the brief moment that we have exchanged thoughts, that’s enough for me to tell that you’re too good, too excellent creature! Kalabisan bang humiling na sana makadaupang palad kita…(in English, maka-holding hands, lol). I would love to be with you 24/7 if there is a chance but we both know…


As much as I want you to love me back, let’s make it clear na I am not expecting anything from you. I am happy with what ‘I’ have. LOL. It’s not right to say ‘WE’ di ba? Seriously, I am fine with how things are going. I am perfectly fine by just knowing you. Soon, we’ll come to the end of our journeys and perhaps, we will never meet at all…I want to tell you now, with all that’s left in my tender heart that I love you. Shallow as it may seem but never untrue. I know it has surprised you as much as it has surprised me….but I guess, that is how love works and I’d rather not question it….I’d rather not try to explain it and prove it. Love is  love…and there is no limit to its faith and endurance.


I am half agony, half hope. You alone are the reason why, even at this hour, I blog. The reason why, even at toughest times, I smile. The reason why, even if I feel empty, I’m filled. The reason why, even if I’m uncertain of things, I believe. The reason why, even if this is quite impossible, I hope. The reason why, even if today is so full of crap, I have reasons to wake up tomorrow. Yes, you my dear blogmate, are the reason why, even when I’m hurt, I love. You alone have brought colors back to my life. These and many more are reasons why some forces in this universe has conspired to bring us together….the reasons why God sent you my way. Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you, I had no control over.

I cannot say more. I am unsure of many things but a comment, a PM, an email…will be enough to decide whether I enter your life and continue this madness or never.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. tsk, talaga naman! ang husay ng balentayms entry mo…pakopya nga…hahaha!
    seriously, i’m so happy for you to find that someone so special.
    i just wonder how can you fall for him that much? is it really love or just a huge crush? or perhaps you’re just falling into that idea of falling in love with that person you have idealized so much. i guess one needs to be a bit careful lest one ends up with a major broken heart. anyway i wish that someday, makadaupang-palad mo rin sya. as in HHPSSP sa beach ng boracay! LOL!

    1. bords!!

      ok, then huge crush it is! hahaha. oh i love that – falling into the idea of falling in love!!

      seriously, i will not even try to explain coz you will never understand. love doesn’t need to have reasons di ba. what’s clear to me is that it’s good to love and be loved back….and if can’t have the latter…it’s ok. hinde pala ok but I’ll carry on, for sure.

      “i guess one needs to be a bit careful lest one ends up with a major broken heart”

      you are soo right. i’ll keep that in mind bords. thanks 🙂

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