40 Little Secrets

Wala na talaga akong ma-post hahhaha.

Be honest no matter what.

[ONE] Who were your latest 3 inbox texts from?
From my supervisor, my boss and ellumbrinosezoprino hahahah

[TWO] Where was your default friendster pic taken?
+++ in the living room

[THREE] What’s your middle name?
+++ Ty

[FOUR] Your current relationship status?
+++ I am fine, thank you.

[FIVE] Does your crush like you back?
+++ I SINCERELY HOPE SO (like attracts like daw hahahah)

[SIx] What is your current mood?
+++ I am tired today, just got home from work but nevertheless I feel great

[SEVEN] What’s your mom’s name?
+++ mother

[EIGHT] What color shirt are you wearing?
+++ it’s faded gula-gulanit na purple tshirt from hang ten…

[NINE] Would you kiss the last person you kissed?
+++ yes of course…it’s my nephew miggy and niece cassie

[TEN] If you could go back in time, when would it be?
+++ 18th century, ancient times and probably…early 80’s…1940’s is a great era too

[ELEVEN] Have a crazy side?
+++ oftentimes err, most of the time err, all the time?

[TWELVE] Ever had a near death experience?
+++ asus purbida man jud oi!

[THIRTEEN] What is something you do a lot?
+++ stalking, blogging, catching pepe and pilars and I notice lately, I smile a lot

[FOURTEEN] Angry at anyone?
+++ I don’t keep grudges

[FIFTEEN] Do you wanna see somebody right Now?
+++ yes, I wanna see you whoever you are

[SIXTEEN] Do you like drama?
+++ don’t watch too much drama

[SEVENTEEN] When was the last time you cried?
+++ last March

[EIGHTEEN] Who would you do anything for?
+++ anything for YOU

[TWENTY] What is the one thing you notice first with the opposite sex?
+++ IQ and EQ plus CHARACTER

[TWENTY-TWO] What’s ur biggest fear in life?
+++ dog..nothing else but friggin dog hahahha

[TWENTY-FOUR] Would you ever take him/her back?
+++ I don’t wanna live in hell again, LOL

[TWENTY-FIVE] Do you still watch kiddy movies or tv shows?
+++ sometimes, I watch Dora, Barbie and Disney movies with my kid sister Inday

[TWENTY-SIX] What are you eating or drinking at the moment?
+++ Kowloon House siopao

[TWENTY-SEVEN] Do you speak any other languages?
+++ fluent in Filipino and English (both written and oral – resume?) , some Chinese¬† (Ni Hao ma?), a little Spanish (que sera…sera) and Japanese (Konnichiwa!) and Korean (Saranghaeyo)

[TWENTY-EIGHT] Whats your favorite smell?
+++ sweet and fresh cologne

[TWENTY-NINE] Describe your life.
+++ La vita è bella

[THIRTY] Have you ever kissed in the rain?
+++ asus…ano yun MTV?? LOL

[THIRTY-ONE] Do you like the rain?
+++ when I’m at home, yes. pero when I’m outside…NO WAY!!! traffic!!!

[THIRTY-TWO] What are you thinking about right now?
+++ who else but YOU, of course!

[THIRTY-THREE] What should you be doing right now?
+++ I should be sleeping

[THIRTY-FOUR] What is your favorite memory?
+++ childhood memories…memories in the province with my family…future happy memories with yah hahahaha

[THIRTY-FIVE] What are you listening to?
+++ listening to classics

[THIRTY-SEVEN] Who was the last person you yelled at?
+++ my bro

[THIRTY-EIGHT] Do you act differently around the person you like?
+++ Too soon to tell

[THIRTY-NINE] What is your natural hair color?
+++ would you believe if I say it’s BLONDE

[FORTY] Who was the last person to make you smile?
+++ YOU

I am tagging YOU!!! If you feel like doing it..go go go lang! Wala namang bayad ang tag noh! Besides, magandang pang in between your legs!!!

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  1. [FIVE] Does your crush like you back?
    +++ I SINCERELY HOPE SO (like attracts like daw hahahah)

    – totoo yan! as in… like attracts like… hahaha *proven and tested!* voodoo ko sya tignan mo… voodoo mo din sya!

    1. DI ATA GUSTO YAN! hmpt! pinapatamaan mo yata ako dahil na-magnet ko si Ellumbra! Halllerrrr!! Waaaaa! Waaaaaaaaaaa!!! Sabi ko lalaki! Hindi gusngab na lalaki! Waaaaa!!!! Pwede po bang mag-specify nang specifics lorrrddd!!!! Waaaaa!!!!!!

    1. ganyan di ako minsan hehehe, pag barado utak, naghahanap sa friendster hahaha, dinelete ko na pala ang friendster ko dahil ini-istok ako nang hayup na ellumbra

    2. hahaha..style di ba…eh andaming meme na nag po post sa friendster eh kaya ayan…magandang pang in between naman eh ahahahha

      @naku ikaw reynz, dinelete mo na’t lahat di mo man lang in-approve yung invite ko hahahahah

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