Wag sayanging ang byuti..use it to your advantage.

Paging Pusa, Reyna Elena, Chuva, Maru, Jojitah and all the beautiful bloggers out there!!!! This is it mga amigos y amigas!!!!

Mga manay, Look of the year are looking for people from all over the world to send in their best pictures and become the next model working in Paris, New York or Milan! Bongga divanetch! They’re looking for us!!! Open for boys, girls and in betweens!! Mga feelingera dali…join ever na kayo mga sisterettes! Feel ko din ever ang mag join-join noh who knows baka itetchiwa na ang chance ketch na maging succesfulness!!! If you’re young, beautiful and keri mag join ng beauty contest…wag na mag dalawang isip!

Trulala itetch walang halong eklavu ok. If you have questions, read the guidelines at http://www.lookoftheyear.com. Ang panalo winner!!! Mag uuwi ng 10,000 hindi pesoses kundi dollars. Bongga talaga to mga ‘neng!!! Grab it or someone else will take it take it! Sayang ang byuti di ba..kaya use it to your advantage.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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