Which should I buy Xbox, PS3 or Wii?

I used to spend a lot of my break time in the office playing game consoles with my collegaues. Yeah, you’re reading it right, we have playstations and xboxes in the office and we’re allowed to play during break times. They’re really addicting. Now I’m thinking if I should just buy my own PS3 or XBox. I’d probably get XBox since I’m more familiar with its settings and configuration. Plus it has many really good games and can be modified much more than the PS3.

But in all fairness to Sony PS3 though, they have the much more powerful hardware, and they offer free firmware upgrades. Thay also have built-in blu-ray player and support 1.3 HDMI compared to XBox’s 1.2 HDMI. That means PS3 has richer colors and have way better graphics than 360.

Here’s another reason why XBox is better, when it comes to online gaming community, XBox 360 still has a much larger following although, you have to pay for a year’s worth of online gaming service (PS3’s online play is free). No wonder why most of the time they don’t work. I personally would rather pay for something I know that is going to work than have a free service that doesn’t work all the time.

Here’s the catch, I was watching TV last night and they featured this seventh generation of video game systems called Wii. It has a wireless controller and Wii Remote, which can be used as a handheld pointing device and detect movement in three dimensions. Hehehe. The makers of Wii says its Remote controller aimed “To make gaming as accessible to people of all ages and all abilities…”. I love it! It’s wireless, innovative, affordable, and offers an exciting gaming experience.

Now I know which one I should buy. Wii it is!!!


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