Send Me Some Love…Send Me a Snail Mail

I grew up in the 80’s, obviously without the internet, and snail mail was the only means of getting in touch with my friends. I can still remember how it feels whenever I receive letters from my pen pals. LOL. Seriously, I never had a penpal but I’d write often to some of my friends who live in the province and some of my elementary classmates. Don’t you love snail mails too? I think they’re the sweetest!

In these modern times, most of us prefer using electronic mails but I personally think snail mails are still the sweetest form of correspondence. Very intimate and personal. I love receiving them. Just Christmas last year, I got one from Manay Che in Germany and another one from Lizzie. Thank you guys for remembering me….that’s really very sweet of you.

Do you have your own mailbox in your house? We don’t have any. When I was a lot younger, our next-door neighbor who lived in a gated house have several mailboxes and I often check them. Hahaha. Although snail mails are no longer the ‘IN’ thing today, I think mailboxes are still necessary.You sure still get important mails from banks and other institutions, right? And the best way you can protect your mails from theft is to put them in a mailbox.

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