Tuscany…here I come!!! LOL

“Experience, travel – these are as education in themselves”

I envy people who’s got profession that gives them the opportunity to travel the world, just like Chuva who’s in Europe now and having fun. Waaaahhh…I love Europe! It is perhaps the most famous tourist spot in this world. There’s just so many wonderful things to see there. They’re rich in culture, arts, history and landscape. How I wish I could visit that part of this world someday, esp. Italy. Its beauty and diverse nature does offer something special for every tourist. If you’re a nature lover, one thing you shouldn’t miss if you’re in Italy is to visit and search for the magical art of Tuscany. Enjoy and explore the Tuscan landscape and its countryside with your family and loved ones. And to complete your vacation, make sure you check out this beautiful Tuscany villa rentals around the place. See you when I get there! LOL


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