I want to see more of the world

I have a friend who works in a Celebrity Cruise ship as a photographer. She’s told me many wonderful things about traveling on a cruise ship and I super envy her. She’s been to many places already! Europe and South America, she said, is the best place to visit on a cruise ship. Yah know that’s one of my dreams – to travel all over Europe and see what it has to offer. I want to see more of the world. I’ve done various journeys locally but I would really love to travel outside the country. I’d like to visit London to Paris and back, and from Bruges to Amsterdam,Austria to Germany, as well as around Italy.

I guess this would be just a dream for now but I’d like to fulfill this dream one day! I’d really love to travel but not having big money nor being an adult who pay bills left and right, it’d probably be impossible, but who knows. I might win in a lottery one of these days. LOL

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