GPS, a stalker’s bestfriend!

Are you afraid of being followed by your spouse? How do you feel about being tracked by your wife anywhere you go using GPS Tracking technology? ?

One important thing about GPS is that it helps you to figure out where someone is and where he/she is going when traveling from one place to another. This is useful especially to find your kids and your pets, but with the case of couples, I think GPS tracking is like an invasion of one’s privacy. Don’t you think so? Although this technology would allow you to find out if your husband is becoming unfaithful to you, I still think it is not fair. Where’s the element of trust in the relationship? Each of us has our own life and we deserve our own personal space and privacy. I am not against the use of GPS tracking but how far can you go just to prove something? Remember, what you don’t know wont hurt you, dear. My point is simple, learn to trust your partner. That’s all. Anyway, if he/she is cheating on you, you’ll know it. But hey, if you wanna stalk your husband like a mad woman, then use GPS for all I care! Hahaha. Now don’t get me wrong, I think GPS is a great tool especially for Law enforcement. This makes it easier for them to find drug and other crimial operations.

Nowadays, GPS Tracking systems have become very common. It can be installed in cell phones and satellite phones. New car models have GPS systems as well. At sea, a GPS system can mean the difference between life and death for sailors and most boats and ships. They can be worn on the wrist, like a watch. People convicted of certain crimes may be allowed to serve part of their sentence in the community on condition that they wear a GPS transmitter permanently strapped to one ankle so that the authorities can then track them wherever they go. Indeed, GPS Tracking has become one of the greatest inventions over the past years.



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