The whiter the better

I grew up with white sugar. We rarely use brown sugar because it sometimes look dirty. LOL. Ok, not really dirty but you know its taste is very different from the white ones, right? Do you know that the whiter the sugar are, the more they are refined? And the more they are refined means they are of pure quality, more safe, most decontaminated and bacteria free. That’s why it’s always better to use white sugar like Icumsa 45.

ICUMSA 45 is highly refined sugar that can be found in supermarkets, eateries , and homes around the developed world. ICUMSA (International Commission For Uniform Methods Of Sugar Analysis) is like ISO standard. It’s the one that determines how white a sugar is, and rates it based on this quality. It was developed so that international traders in different countries had a meaningful way of describing sugar when selling it. So the next time you go to the grocery, make sure you look for ICUMSA 45 sugar. How do you know them? Easy, look for the ones that are sparkling white because they’ve been tested, certified and refined.


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