Looking for cheap PSP for my bestfriend

My bestfriend Ruthie aka angelofthewaters is a PSP addict! You’d find her playing PSP during coffee breaks, in the car even in the comfort room. Too bad she doesn’t have one yet. Good thing our boss Toni is kind enough to let Ruthie borrow and bring home her PSP.Can you believe it, she spends most of her time playing PSP and watching koreanovelas other than blogging. It has taken over her blogging life! Whenever we go out, we always end up checking on cybermall to look for the cheapest PSP available. Unfortunately, they’re all too pricey for a toy. It would be nice if I can find one at discounted price, perfect for her birthday! I know she wants a PSP so badly. By the way, she’ll be celebrating her birthday 2 months (still gives me enough time to save) from now, make sure you greet her on her blog, ok.

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