Who or what influenced you to start blogging

This is a VOLUNTARY tag from Brotherutoy! Hehe. I liked its tema kaya I’m doing it.

Fist question: Recall a period of time in your life when you felt protected. Pag may kayakap like this:

I love you Dao Ming Su! Hehe. Seriously, when I’m with my family. Nothing beats that feeling you get when you’re surrounded with people you love di ba…kahit sometimes dysfunctional…keri lang.

Second Question: Recall a period of time in your life when you feel unprotected. Hehe…sasagutin ko ba to? Sige na nga, whenever I’m alone….inside a taxi cab…that’s when I feel most unprotected. I’ve always had bad experiences with taxi drivers haller. And also, pag wala akong panyo…feeling ko hubad na hubad ako hahahhaha

Question Three: When was the first time you discovered power? When I was very very young…..long time ago…I had this childhood friend na sinabihan ko ng ‘madapa ka’ sana…and it did happen…that’s when I realized powerful pala ang mga words na lumalabas sa bibig ko…anything that I say..it just happens bwahahaha…and anything I touch, they turn into gold hahha Midas touch di ba

Question Four: Name a person who’s life affected you most. It’s too cliche if I say it’s my parents…pero that’s true eh. My parents are just like any other parents who grew up in the province…deprived sa maraming bagay…but look at them now…deprived pa din hahahha. Seriously, life in the barrio talaga was hard for them. Same thing with my aunts who grew up without parents…broken family…but they grew up to be fine people and I am sooo proud of them.

Question Five: Give the title of the book that has affected you most. Long before i started to understand the Bible, the first book which has affected me the most was POWER FOR LIVING. Trulala walang halong eklavu!

Tapos when I was growing up, I used to read a lof Archie comic books and sweet valley high but none of those has affected me ahahha….the one that changed my perspectives was Greatest Salesman in the World 1 and 2. Mahilig ako sa mga inspirational books and my fave inspirational author is Og Mandino. I was very young when I read his books..like 3 years old..hahaha. No, I was really really young when I read it and that became my STANDARD when it comes to motivational and self help books. A lot of his works will leave you with messages and thoughts to think about. His books are ones that I keep and reread. No matter how many times I reread them, I always put it down with new thoughts to reflect on my own life.

I am such a fan of Jane Austen…my fave ever is Persuasion. Nagustuhan ko din ang Les Miserables. The Secret. Sophie’s World. Tuedays with Morrie.

Question Six: A piece of music or song that affected you the most. Early mornings I listen to Gospel songs…during Sundays, classic songs naman and the rest of the days, I listen to all genre – from classic, classic rock to ballads to new wave to hip hop to new age to indie to alternative to mushy to progressive to upbeat songs except for too much rap and reggae and bossa nova. Hehe.

Question Seven: A Movie or a film that affected you the most. I watched Lion King 11 times in the theater. Ratatouille is fun to watch. I was both laughing and crying when I watched Simon Birch…love Braveheart too and Men of Honor. Mac and Me. Pride and Prejudice. National Treasure. Count of Monte Cristo. ID4. When Harry Met Sally. 50 first dates. Pretty woman. Pero the one that has affected me talaga is….MULAN! Hahaha

Question Eight: Who or what influenced you to start blogging? I was such an inggitera even before pa until now…when aiMz started bloging during office hours hahaha…nainggit ako…technically speaking, she’s the first person who influenced me (and Ruthie) to start blogging…

That was 4.5 years ago. I started out here –> myshredder.blogspot.com which I later changed to malensky.net for paid opps purposes haha. I’ve had blogs on Xanga, livejournal, blog.com, blogdrive.com, friendster etc. Since our MIS blocked blogspot in the office, I switched to wordpress. I started meeting good people from then on. One time, I was searching the world wide web about Josh Verdes, I landed here, became friends with the QUEEN and some of his readers like Bluep. He then pursued me to self host my own blog and that’s how mynosebleed became a hit hahahha charing lang

I’m not tagging anyone. Whoever wants to do the tag…dali. I’m giving away 5$ to our first 5 volunteers!!!

Hoy, hinde each yan…5$ for 5 bloggers so that’s 1$ each hahaha…patulan nyo na…isang kilong bigas din yan noh. Hahaha


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  1. hahaha! dahil mukha akong pera, papatulan ko ang tag na’to. please send USD1 to my PayPal account, otherwise… you wouldn’t imagine how bad can I go for a single dollar. hahaha.

    sige susulat ko na ang draft since nosebleed pa ko sa mga travel tales namin 😉

  2. bakit nga ang babae, di makalabas ng walang panyo? I knew a lot of women na strong personality pero natitimang na parang may mangyayaring masama kapag nawalan ng panyo? bibili at bibili pa talaga sa tindahan. hehehe…
    at natawa ako sobra sa Mulan poster mo! baka naman may tinatago ka ring sword at dragon dyan ha.
    God bless!

    1. (haha sa maling reply ko nailagay, dito pala dapat haha)
      wag ka maniwala dyan kay malen, ibig sabihin nya manyak daw tayong mga R-18 nyahahahaha

  3. ngawa mo rin plang yakapin c papa daomingsi… hayyy… nmis ko tuloy f4.. napkadmi mo na plang napagpeaktisan na blosite… kya pla… sikat k na sa universe.. :em62:

    1. repah!!! mukha kamo akong eng eng nyan nun nag pa picture ako sa harap ng bench shop hahha pero kiver! BAGAY NA BAGAY kaya kami!!! hahaha…i love you dao ming su!!!! 143445254

  4. malen, you deserve to be a hit. You’re such a talnted girl with a heart of gold (derigold). You and reynz never fail to make me laugh even with the corniest of your jokes. madali naman ako patawanin pero kakaunti lang yung tao na nagpapatawa sa akin… do you know what i mean? that’s a compliment hehe. for the first time I gave you a serious compliment wahaw!

    1. shuckkkkks! *hinimatay*

      totoo ba tong nababasa ko o hallucination ko lang?? hahahah

      the great bluepanjeet gave me a compliment!! bwahahah….magpapa cheeseberger akoooooooooooooo

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