Roundtrip flight to Davao through a private jet

I still haven’t moved on from our recent trip to Davao. It was such a wonderful experience. One of the best vacations I ever had. Thank you to Manay Beng for the very warm welcome. We had such a good time. Too bad it was a short vacation leave only. Here’s a secret I wanna share to you, that was my first airplane ride ever. You wont believe how scared I was. My friend would joke around that riding Cebupacific airways was like flying to Cebu and eventually landing in the Pacific ocean. Waaaaaaah. But it was really fun. I am not alto phobic but just the thought of riding on planes is just frightening for me. That’s what I get from watching too much dramatic and violent movies. LOL. Imagine yourself floating on air, it’s scary right?

I super love Davao! Reynz and I were talking last night of coming back riding a private jet. Hahaha. Anybody who wants to come with us? It would be one heck of a lifetime adventure. If you’re looking for local private jets and aircraft charter to bring you to your desired places anytime, New Flight Charters can help you.

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