I got 2 birthday invitations today. One from my cousin and the other from our dear friend Es for her son’s birthday. I’d like to come by but I’m still busy with work and with my laundry. I haven’t even taken the clothes out of my bag sinceĀ  the Davao trip. I hope you guys forgive me. I am just loaded with so many things to do today but I will make it up with you guys.


I missed again the birthday of my godson Anokee last May 16. Tix, is it his 2nd or 3rd? I am really sorry. I’ll visit you guys in Laguna next week. Promise. To Anokee, I hope you grow up a fine boy just like your dad. Can you believe it, I am your ninang yet we have not seen each other face to face. I am so excited to see you soon.

To Maximus, I hope too that you grow up just like your mom and dad. Be a good boy ha. I’ll send my gift to your dad.

And to cousin Mitchie, I never wanted anything for you other than to see you happy with the person you truly love. I wish you and See Go all the best! No wedding bells yet?

I love you guys. Mwaaaaaahh and here’s wishing you all the good things in life. Happy Birthday!


Delivered by Madam Auring

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