Natural Solutions For Your Garden

During summer, whenever I go home, I would spend my afternoons in the farm where we plant watermelons and other vegetables and crops. It was fun and I’ always look forward for that day. You know my father farmed lands all his life. Too bad I didn’t inherit his green thumb at all. It’s amazing how he can make those lovely roses bloom in our backyard when we were kids. He would also plant red tomatoes, corn and okra in our little garden. He never use chemical fertilizers, and pesticides. Organic or natural fertilizers like Seaweed Fertilizer are far better of course and that’s what he uses until now. Studies show that fruits and vegetables actually tastes better and flowers get more vibrant colors with the use of natural fertilizer. If you want to learn more about the most popular and effective “safe natural fertilizers”, check out for more information.

Summer is ending very soon. Haaay…I miss home!!! Looks like I wont be able to take a long vacation from work this summer. Tsk. It’s too late. Maybe later this year, I can go home. I’d be super happy if I can take a break on Christmas season.


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