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Google has done it again. If you notice on my sidebar, my blog is now PR4 and I’m freakin’ happy!!! I am indeed a lucky soul. LOL. You don’t have any idea how much it means to me. It practically means everything! Ok, that’s a little overacting but I really do care about page ranking and stuff like that. You know why? Because that’s the single underlying factor why I am earning moolahs from my blog.


If you’re into paid blogging, PR is probably the most important thing for you and your blog. I honestly do not know how to improve one’s PR. But here’s one thing I found out, enlisting your site/blog into free directory can actually improve your rankings. Check out DirMania – a free web directory that can provide you a quality free web advertising.

Submit each of your web sites NOW all for free and start earning your dollars ASAP!


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