I am no USER. Never! I never use people. I am no power tripper. I don’t like corporate chismaks. I do not meddle on corporate affairs. If there’s chismis in the office, I’m always the last to know.


I waited for 2 years to get what I have now.


Kase ganito yun, March 2 yata if I remember it right…was my exit interview. I filed for resignation and March 15 was supposed to be my last day in the office. Everything was all set and I was very happy and excited to go, finally. The manager even signed the letter already.


During the interview, my boss asked me the reasons why I am resigning and everything…and what they can do to change my mind daw…


I am never demanding in real life but since it was a chance to finally voice out what I have been keeping in my heart for years, I demanded something. Nope, it wasn’t actually a DEMAND…it was a PROPOSAL….hmmm not even close to it, I just said what was in my mind. I wanted CHANGE.


So I applied and had a panel interview and after a month, it was granted.


Truth is, that was the 1st and only time that I was able to talk to the manager in all the years I’ve worked for the company….You know why? Kase hinde ako SIPSIP. Ganun lang yun.


I never do that. Nevah.


Magdidildil na lang ako ng asin at mamamatay sa gutom but I will never ever SIPSIP the blood of my superiors. Not that everything’s wrong about it…but I just can’t see myself climbing up the rurok ng tagumpay at the expense of others, if you know what I mean.


I knew it. I was expecting this to happen. This and much more. Are you telling me that I do not deserve this post? Are you questioning my credibility, your honor? I was affected, a little lang. Hurt ang fride ko.


I realized, BITTER PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS BE BITTER AND I DO NOT HAVE ANY CONTROL OVER THEIR BITTERNESS. Hehehe. I don’t have to explain myself to you or to anyone else. And between the 2 of us, kung sinuman ang MALAKAS SA MANAGEMENT, you know very well that it is YOU.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. HUH?! naghahanap ka nang trapik? sinong kaaway mo? hahaha! world pissed ba ngayon? hahaha! diktadur! HAHAHA at least nakuha mong magblog without them complaining now! HEHEHE

  2. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!keber kung ano ang sinasabi nila..basta ikaw alam mo na kaya ka nakarating jan e dahil sa kaya mong gawin at hindi dahil sa iniisip nilang paninipsip!!!

  3. :em50: true yan…sorry na lang cla kahit sumipsip sila at mapromote malalaman din naman ng mga tao kung kaya nila ang trabaho…nakakahiya kaya na after mo magpalapad ng papel eh wala ka naman palang galing.

    Maraming ganyan sa callcenters. Nag-aapura ma-promote tapos in the end, nagsisisi kasi nadedemote.Hay buhay!

    At least, sa case mo, nung nabigyan ka ng pagkakataon, handa ka na kaya nakasurvive ka..taray di ba!

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