High Sea Trading

TAX!!! I hate it! I just got may payslip today and I was shocked to see how much the Governement is taking away from my salary. Grrrr. Really hate taxes! It’s everywhere! Even fast food chains and restaurants are not exempted from Value Added Tax (VAT).

This is why some merchants prefer doing High Sea Sale, to avoid the burden of local Sales Tax or VAT. You familiar with exporting/importing High Sea Sugar? This is how it works, the seller is going to look for the sugar buyer while the ship is on its way sailing on the international waters (also called HIGH SEAS, which is under no jurisdiction), once the seller found a buyer, the buyer becomes the importer. Or traditional import/export method, the buyer has to pay the Customs duty. But now the buyer does not have to pay the Local Sales tax / VAT because the movement of sugar from one place to anotherĀ  is not seen as a sale but rather as simple transport from one location. If you want to know moreĀ  about High Seas Sale, be sure you check out highseasugar.com, all the information you need is right there on their website.


Delivered by Madam Auring

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