Missing High School

Look what I found while fixing some stuff on my closet – my high school class picture! Geez, it’s been 11 years. I’ve lost contact with some of them after graduation. I miss them so much. Years ago, our only means of communication was through landline phones and snail mails. In this highly digital world, it’s very different. These days, you can use email, cellphone, chat programs and social networking sites such as 3gb to get in touch with your long lost friends.

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Ok, back to HS life, I’ve recently come across with one of my high school classmates in a popular social networking site. It’s been ages since we last talk and I’m amazed how she managed to stay fit after all these years. She’s happy being a stay-at-home mom with his loving husband, which, by the way, was also a high school classmate, and 3 lovely kids. We talked about the things we’ve done before. I couldn’t help smiling whenever I remember my naiveness and innocence. My HS life was a little boring, but most of the time exciting and really memorable. When I look back at the past, it reminds me of the many chances I’ve let go and many wonderful things I dare not see and enjoy because I was shy and was never assured that I can do a lot more than what I can. At 20++, I finally see that it’s just the way HS life should be. A time in our lives that we can never truly repeat. A time that shapes us. A time that makes us who we are, for years to come.


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