How I Earned $$$ In 3 Months

For years, I’ve been blogging purely for the pleasure of it. I just want to have an avenue where I can freely express my thoughts, feelings and where I can write all things worth remembering when I grow up old. I am actually keeping a dozen of blogs and I don’t care if there are people who reads them, all I care about is having this chance to immortalize the many ideas I have in mind. Who knows, maybe someday, somewhen and somewhere out there…your humble servant here could be an inspiration to many people suffering from business bankruptcy, addiction to online casinos and gaming, personal/car/loans rejection, bad credit, plastic surgeries, overweight problems, dental problems, and many other things. LOL

You see, blogging is my joy, my pleasure, my addiction and my legacy. Hahaha!

Serious na.

Ok, every now and then, you see some paid opps entries in between my regular postings di ba. I am happy to announce that after 3 months of doing paid blogging, my earnings has reached to $821.45! That’s not much compared to John Chow’s or Progobbler’s or Reyna Elena’s or Pinoyambisyoso’s or Diwa’s earnings pero that amount is something I can’t get from anywhere. Plus, I’m only doing it for part time since I’m still keeping my full time job. Shucks, parang ang sipag ko noh.

That’s additional 30K I can spend on shopping!!! Yes, finally, I’ll be living the life of a SHOPAHOLIC like Rebecca Bloomwood less the credit card misuse.

Back in HS, I have this classmate na sobrang Miss Popular, like lahat ng major beauty contests sa school, she won it. She was also our class valedectorian. This is the same person you will always remember as the most beautiful in all your HS life. I don’t remember talking to her or laughing with her during those times. One day, she contacted me through friendster asking if I can help her land a job in the office. Unfortunately, she didn’t pass the interview. Several days after, I was surprised to see her knocking at my door, visiting just to borrow money and promised to pay the following week. Suddenly, I find myself social climbing and exchanging text messages with this person. Amazingly, close kami bigla. Read this, we’re not even close during HS. So being the helpful and dependable girl that I am, I gave her the money but days, weeks and months passed by…there were no text messages anymore and guess what, no payment at all. Hahaha, ladies and gentlemen, tell me, did she just USED me? Did I allow this person to USE me? Yes, partly…I was actually expecting that she’ll never pay back. I never trusted her kase ginawa na nya yun sa close friend nya dati who happened to be my very close kumare….but at the back of my mind, I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. And besides, naawa ako sa kwento nya eh. Her life has turned upside down. Gone are her glorious days di ba. Reminds me of the classic “bukas luluhod ang mga tala” scenario. I wonder what really happened to her.


Therefore, I conclude, beauty and brains will not get you that far if you lack diskarte, sipag and tyaga. Look at me, I’m no beauty queen and my brain is just the size of my fist but look at me now…I am P34,418 richer than all of you! Hahahaha. Feel na feel ko talaga ang $$$ na kinita ko sa paid blogging….and I am so proud of it dahil each paid post I make, I get my usual dose of nasal hemorrhage aka nosebleeding!

*Nagmamarunong mode* Seriously, if there’s one thing I want you to learn about life, that is, to grab every chances and opportunities you can to be happy, well off, successful and fulfilled. I’m not there yet, gosh, isang kanto palang ang inilampas ko mula sa lusak but I am getting there, I know. And if my life would end many many many years from now, I wont have regrets kase alam ko na wala akong sinayang na pagkakataon. LOL. I seize every minute of my day. Akala nyo siguro wala talaga akong sense noh, pwes, you’re right. I’m just pretending I know a lot of things…but in real life, I am just really cute.


Now, I will tell you how I earned those dollar$, simulan nyo by signing up with these great paid opps sites:


Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

Start now and earn your dollars in a few weeks time. Just keep blogging ’til you drop. Think of ways on how you can improve the content of your blog. Charing! Buy a domain. Be creative. And most of all, love your blog and take care of it. Give it time just as you would give time to your boyfriend/girlfriend. And also, social climb with the best people in the blogosphere like us. LOL. Now, don’t forget to share some to others once you have earned thousands of $$$ already. The purpose of your blessings is for you to be a channel of blessing to others. It’s not good to be selfish di ba. Start giving cheerfully and dito nyo simulan:

Donate Now and Make My Birthday Happy! LOL


Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Huwaw! Ms. nosebleeder, congrats sa earnings mo, yahooo!! Sa totoo lang I am happy for you at syempre sa ating lahat na kumikita sa pamamagitan ng pagtitinda sa internet, odivah?

    “SUCCESS DOESN’T COME TO YOU…YOU GO TO IT.” – napaka totoo nito, swak na swak Malen!

    at sa mga hindi nagbabayad ng utang? madami silang ganyan! ha ha ha!

  2. walanjow~!!!!!! galing ng sista ko! hanggang may pipitasin, pitasin naten!! hahahah!! doncha worry – – maaabot mo si Pro Gobbler. the secret to that is page rank. kaya hanggang naka-rank ang site mo, karirin mo teng.. hahahaha!! congrats.. *biglang pina-recall ang ipod* hahahah! joke lang.

  3. happy birthday, hehehe. now i’m donating a comment. lols!

    hoy, updated na ang contest prize ko, may revolution theme na, malay mo ikaw ang palarin. hahaha, palitan mo na tong theme mo ng revolution pro media from brian gardner. hehehe

  4. welcome to the club! Go for the platinum! heheheh :em55: btw, malen — don’t forget it’s gonna make you USD100-up richer each 2wk-payout!
    I’ve always known it’d work for you too… I’m glad u jumped right in and took the opps. Thumbs up for you bordz!

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