2008 Cute Kid of the Year Contest


Meet Cassie my cute little niece! She’s just 2 years old and really smart girl. I super love her. She’s really cute and she gets even cuter whenever she sing and dance.

See those cheeks and thighs? I love pinching them! It’s really fun having kids around. They make you feel young all the time. She’s actually slightly big for her age. I could only carry her for a few minutes because she’s really heavy. She loves dressing up and she gets really wacky during playtime with her other cousins. Cassie is also a good poser, she loves the camera! She’s really cute, isn’t she?

Here’s a good news for all the parents out there! Show the world how lovely and cute your kids are by joining this online Cute Kid Contest. Prize at stake is $25,000 college tuition fund!

It’s very easy to join, just login to their site then submit your kids cute baby photos here http://www.thecutekid.com. Don’t worry because membership is all free! The Cute Kid is the internet’s largest and most respected child photo contest and parent network.

If your kids has the IT, show them off to the world! This is a great outlet for parents to put together their kids adorable shots. Not only you can get a chance to win big cash and prizes, who knows, your kid might be spotted by the right talent and casting agents and become a star too!


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