Why I Love MAC

I love its whole package! I actually prefer MAC more than PCs because it’s more user friendly and more stable but, it’s more expensive. It doesn’t crash often (just like Windows) and it offers higher security. You can finally say goodbye to constant attacks from viruses and malware you get on PCs with MAC computers. I personally love the iBook design, very trendy and stylish. Too bad, I cannot afford to get a MAC for now. If you got the money and you’d like to make the most out of every bit of your digital life, why not get a MAC instead? It can get really overpriced but it’s worth it. Trust me.

You could also try out used mac computers, if you want. DV Warehouse offers a great deal of various models like used Power Mac G4, Powerbook, iBook laptop, iMac, eMac and Power Mac G3 section. They are also the leading provider and reseller of used mac computers accessories and parts like:

Apple Battery, Apple Floppy Drive, Apple Hard Drive, Apple Keyboard, Apple Memory, Apple Modem, Apple Motherboard and many others.

DV Warehouse also has the largest selection of Digital Video Solutions for Broadcasting, Editing and Production work. They specialize in Digital Video Editing products and iDigital Editing Turnkey Solutions for Adobe, Avid, Newtek, Matrox and Pinnacle.

For all your used Macintosh computers/parts and Digital Video Solution needs, visit http://www.dvwarehouse.com for more information.


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