I Will Never Ever Be Late Again

Late again!

I am becoming a perpetual late comer these days. I hate it! For 2 days straight, I’ve been running to the office 18 mins late. I shouldn’t be blaming my schedule or the freakin’ traffic along Edsa but I really hate my shift. It gets really really traffic and I’m not used to traveling on rush hour. I know, I should be sleeping early so I could wake up early but you know, time management has always been a major issue for me. Guess I should really stop spending too many hours in front of my laptop starting tonight so I could sleep long hours and gain enough energy for tomorrow. The problem is, I get too busy doing a lot of internet related works I only sleep 5 hours each night. I sometimes don’t have time doing other things at home. I need help! It’s time I get to organize my schedule.

If you also find yourself juggling from work, home and social activities and needs serious help in time management, this cool site, http://www.saythetime.com/, can help you. It keeps track of your important appointments each day making you more productive than ever. It’s like a talking planner! How cool is that? You can put your reminders one time, or have them recur hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Try it! They have this free windows alarm clock software download you can use for 30 days. Should you decide to purchase the software, get 5$ off using this FUNFIVE coupon code. It’s a clock and calendar at the same time. Get organized the easy way with saythetime.com!

Ok, enough of babbling. I should be sleeping now, else, I will be late again tomorrow. LOL



Delivered by Madam Auring

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  1. Wow nakabili ka na laptap? Saan? magkano? me hulugan ba? lols Aba e kung puro ganito ang post mo sasabay ako sa yo. Magpapayaman tayo promise hahaha. Good Morning! :em70:

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