Why you should list your website to directories

Including your website in website directory can give you numerous benefits. For one, it can help you improve your rankings. You know how important it is to have a page rank if your blog involves money making, right? No PR means no paid opps. By being listed to search engine friendly web directory, your website will surely have a better chance of getting a higher rank. Higher PR means more chances of earning money from your website/blog.

Another thing is that you get to use free web/blog advertising. Since each listing is a direct link, it will boost your visibility in major search engines. This is a real opportunity for your website/blog to get traffic without giving it much effort.

Now, if you’ll look closely on my side bar, you’ll find different free web directories where I have listed my blog since I started. I must say that I get pretty good hits from them. I’ve also found some really good sites from those directories. Some of them also review and modify your website if necessary. It’s worth trying so why not give it a shot? Submit your website for free to dirmania.org now and see if your traffic exceeds its usual threshold .


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